Travel Sure

The Travel Sure cargo restraining devices or load locks as many customers refer to them are proven to eliminate damage to palletized cargo during transportation. The devices are relied upon by many large grocers, brewers and retailers throughout North America. Unlike other cargo restraints the Travel Sure utilizes the trailer/van floor for load stabilization. This makes the Travel Sure the most effective cargo restraint on the market.

Before Travel Sure: After Travel Sure:

Canadian and U.S. Patents Applicable

Travel Sure Features:

  • Durable, lightweight design (aluminium or steel)
  • Safe, effortless engagement (locks into place in seconds)
  • Eliminates pallet shift during transit
  • Applicable to all types and sizes of pallets (including plastic)
  • Available in 72" & 84" standard heights
  • Custom sizes and colors are available upon request

Travel Sure Benefits:

  • Cost effective solution to eliminate product damage
  • Maintains load structure on multiple drop LTL & FTL Shipments
  • Reduces the use of shrink wrap
  • Drivers, dock and store personnel recognize the benefits

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A&P Great Atlantic Tea Co.

LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario)